Tacabanda Restaurant

    • Raw meat alla Monferrato
    • Salami cooked in rabbit sauce with basil
    • Ham smoked goose with chestnuts and Barolo Chinato
    • Broccoli flan with fondue
    • Piedmont style snails with polenta
    • Cabbage roulade stuffed with Robiola Roccaverano truffle
    • Stuffed squid spaghetti with zift
    • Peppers flan with bagnacauda
    • Pears cooked al Barbera and stuffed with gorgonzola cream
    • Patty stuffed with potatoes and mushrooms
    First Courses 
      • Agnolotti stuffed with red cabbage and seasoned toma
      • Ravioli al plin stuffed with chicken steamed in Asti DOCG
      • Tagliolini with robiola and herbs
      • Tagliolini with butter and white truffle flavoured savoury ice-cream
      • Risotto with radicchio and castelmagno cheese
      • Chestnut tagliatelle with venison sauce
      • Porcini mushrooms and chestnut soup

      Tacabanda Restaurant
      Second Courses 

        • Filetto di fassone with herb sauce or grilled
        • Sliced ​​beef with Barbera sauce
        • Pork tenderloin with bacon and green pepper
        • Horse cheek braised in Barbera wine
        • Cuttlefish stew with potatoes
        • Angler fish cheeks with puccia
        • Carlo Carosso-style Kokoretzi
        • Lamb chop with hazelnuts wrapped in flio pastry
        • Porcini mushrooms baked in foil with lard of Arnad
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