The restaurant

Tacabanda restaurant is located in an elegant vaulted cellar, under the Vittorio Alfieri theater in Asti which offers a wide choice of wine labels in the area and a selection of typical Piedmontese and Monferrato dishes.

The kitchen

We will be happy to present the Piedmontese cuisine with baked vegetables, agnolotti, plin ravioli, tagliolini with truffles, winter bagnacaoda and boiled meat. Do not forget the variations on the theme such as seafood dishes and interesting tagliolini to frozen savoury truffle.

The wine shop

Our enoteca includes wines and liqueurs aiming to enhance the remarkable organoleptic qualities of the vegetables and fruits typical of the Asti countryside and be a springboard for launching a series of semi-finished and finished products for restaurants.

Albergo Etico & Tacabanda

Our Specialties

Tagliolini with butter and white truffle flavoured savoury ice-cream

Raw meat alla Monferrato

Bagna Cauda

Mixed boiled meat with sauces


A city rich in history with its Baroque, Medieval and Roman streets. It is full of aromas and flavors, with its cellars and restaurants that have made it famous all over the world.

History returns in the thousand re-enactments that are held throughout the year. The Race of the Palio and the Festival of the Sagre animate September, while in November the undisputed king of the table is the truffle, the white one, cross and delight of chef and gourmet.



Asti is located about 60 kilometers south-east of Turin, in the valley of the river Tanaro which, after having received the tributaries Borbore, Valbrenta and Versa, delimits it to the south. The city stands in the middle of famous hills, between the Langhe and the Monferrato, famous all over the world for their wines and is in a favorable position almost in the heart of Piedmont.


Dinner in the Dark

The friendly waiters will welcome you in a completely dark restaurant, and will take you on a fascinating journey of tasting dishes and wines from the Terre d’Asti where you will discover a new dimension of taste, smell and conviviality. In collaboration with the Italian Union of the blind and visually impaired.